4 May 2012

Craving creativity

Craving creativity. Craving sleep. Craving discipline. I seem to be swimming upstream in a river of blah. For the last few weeks, I’ve just not felt myself. I have a few issues on my mind, with some unexpected changes. I’m reading, reading, reading. Blogs, self help books, inspirational books. And that is all. Just reading. I don’t follow through. I don’t act upon these words, these feelings, these cravings.
I want to plant a garden. Make some cushions. Bake. De-clutter. Go to Spotlight, but actually DO. Clean out the linen cupboard. Make photo books. Take really gorgeous photographs. So many ideas swirling through my head but none of them translate to actions.

I've got a little boy turning three very soon. I can create and have fun with that... I need a focus, and he's going to love a truck party!

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