18 May 2012

Melted cake, melted brain.

Note the melted windscreen on the black monster truck. The melted roll-cage on the safari jeep.

And then check out the melted, wonky wheels on the monster truck. The results of being heated up in an oven. Ah, the life of cake decorations in my house. Sorry, little trucks.

My brain is melting these days. I can't seem to retain much in this head of mine. I write lists and forget them, I write lists and forget to refer to them. I tried for two days to buy tampons. Yes, seriously. I went in to a shop to buy a particular item of party food, I came out with bags of stuff and no party food item. I sat in the car and berated myself. I went back in and bought the damn party food. I went to the shops today to stock up on a few birthday party presents* and return a few items. I bought stuff for dinner and returned the tracksuit pants that O refused to wear. I walked out without even thinking about the presents.

These are just a few examples, but serioulsy, my head is just air right now. The lists aren't helping. Please come back, memory and rational thinking. I need you!

*Man, what is it with parties at the moment? We have been to at least one, if not two parties per weekend for the last six weeks. Exhausting!

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Michelle said...

Oh no! My memory has been letting me down a lot lately too. Maybe its the moon or change of seasons or something. Whatever it is your not alone, promise :)