30 May 2012

Movie night

Last Saturday afternoon, Itay set up our beach tent outside for a little play with the kids. As darkness fell, we left the tent up and headed inside. After dinner, the kids jumped in the bath and we scurried outside. While listening out for them, we set up mattresses, blankets, a little light and even some still-warm-from-the-oven banana choc chip muffins. We grabbed a story book each, and then headed in to dry the kids.

They absolutely loved their little surprise, a simple, special way to snuggle together and read our bed time books. We flicked the lights on and off, giggled and shrieked and shared our muffins. It was lovely.

This weekend, we set up a movie night. M chose The Smurfs from the DVD shop,  we pulled out blankets, quilts and pillows. I filled cute popcorn boxes and we dimmed the lights. The kids were loving it... Until Gargamel hit the screen. M sobbed and then really cried... and continued to cry... and then we turned it off. Sigh.

Does anyone else have kids who are simply terrified of almost everything? She even cries in Barbie movies. We ended up watching Fireman Sam yet again. Anyway, the idea was there and I guess we'll try it again. It was a little anticlimactic, I must say!


nic robi said...

Jayla cries at EVERYTHING....tangled, smurfs, princess and the frog...I really get frustrated and can't get how she can see Avngers with her dad, but cries in these ones

Blythe said...

Oh Nic, it's not fun but I am glad that we are not the only ones!

Deb @ home life simplified said...

mine are 7 and 8yo and picked that movie when it first came out - it never even made it out of the box - they kept saying - not tonight mom..

we used to watch Cinderealla on an express track - fast forwarded through 75% of the scenes my oldest deemed too scary, or if the cat lucifer was in it etc. We also have several barbie movies she struggles with in parts (nutcracker!, swan lake, the rainbow ones) and Nemo has not been on our screens in 4-5 years because of bruce the shark - nope you are not alone!

LOVE your movie night set up though!