17 May 2012

Of falls, grazes and needles.

The girl greeted me at school a couple of weeks ago with her chin stuck out.  She'd tripped and rolled down some stairs, which was quite a stunt, I've been told. See that graze on her chin, above? A week later, I received a call from the school office, just as I was leaving to pick her up anyway. She'd run in to a pole during sport and had hit her head. She sounds a little too much like me, I fear. This weekend, she stubbed her big toe on our old wooden gate and she now has a long splinter in her toe. And wow, to get it out? I have rarely heard her cry like that. She was horrified, terrified and inconsolable. That girl does not need drama lessons. She's already NIDA trained!

Then the boy... A couple of weeks ago he had an immunisation, which scared the hell out of him. The nurse was quite rough and it actually gave me a fright, so poor O was pretty shaken. Today I took him to the dentist again. He has some dark marks on his teeth, almost black actually, which I really wanted to ahve checked out. he's a strong little boy, so the dentist didn't manage to get in there and attempt to scrape the staining off. O was just sobbing in my arms, "I don't want to. I don't want to. I want to go home", over and over.

All these tiny procedures are huge for the kids and heart breaking. However, I am thankful that these little mishaps and experiences are all that we going through. O seems to have come through his constant, heavy sicknesses and recovers much more easily from colds and coughs. What a huge relief that is. Health is simply so important, so necessary, so much a huge part of every minute of ours days. I know so many for whom health is not so straight forward.

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