14 May 2012

point +shoot: celebrating

As my girl gets older and my husband becomes wiser, Mothers Day is becoming a truly lovely day for me! This year, I had a lazy morning in bed, reading while Itay managed the troops and cooked me pancakes. Pancakes in bed! With green tea! It was so sweet. My little family gathered around whle I ate and then it was gift time. Itay took M on a secret squirrel shopping trip recently, and they chose a very beautiful pair of earrings, which I just love. M also gave me a blue bead bracelet which she made at school, along with a huge bag of school made goodies. She'd managed to keep it a surprise, even from Itay so it was lovely to open all the cards, photos, artworks and cookies from school!

We had a quiet morning and then slowly headed out to have fish and chips by the beach. It was relaxed, the weather was gorgeous and it was just easy. I was able to laze on the blanket reading, while the kids played and scooted. Itay was brilliant, chasing them about. We finished up with iceblocks in the sunshine.

Yes, she is licking up the tomato sauce. She's obsessed with sauce. Almost any kind. Soy sauce, tartare sauce, tomato sauce. Dressings too - she loves them. And licks them up. Hmm.

It was a delightful day, and I truly felt pampered and appreciated. Thank you, little family. I am so blessed.

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Michelle said...

Happy Mothers Day sounds like it was perfect :)

jody said...

What a lovely day! Gorgeous photos. My little miss is sauce obsessed also.

Laura said...

Sounds like such a great day Blythe!
Glad you got looked after and spoiled by your beautiful family, you deserve it. x

Blythe said...

Thanks girls xx