21 May 2012

point + shoot: Sunday sunshine

As winter approaches, I am reminded of one reason I do actually like living where we do - the weather. Sunshine, so deep that I wore a sheer singlet dress all day without a hint of chill. Brilliant blue skies. Quiet beaches.

The princess, loving my latest op shop find, this rainbow skirt. I took O to yet another birthday party this morning while Itay took M for a bit of a hike to some local rockpools. Her hair accessory of choice was this tiara. Perfect for a princess climbing rocks. 

We met in Currumbin for lunch and then a wander on the stunning, near deserted beach. This twirly skirt just oozed dancing and whirling.

She's so intense, this girl. The mouth is never closed, constantly asking questions to fill in the gaps of her knowledge, extending her view of life and challenging ours as she does it. What does "in-law" mean? Why don't you want me to say "What the heck"? What does "heck" mean, and then, shortly after, what does "hell" mean?

She tells me she loves me a hundred times a day and she gives me massages. She rubs creams in to my legs and she tells me that pink lipgloss would look pretty on me. She's hilarious.

The water wasn't actually that cold and I wished I had swimming stuff with us. Last year I swam in June, but I haven't managed a swim in May this year yet! I'm fighting off a cold whcih is making me sound all throaty and making feel all itcy-eyed and exhausted. Not good timing, with a huge week ahead, but when is it ever good timing to get sick? Hoping I can hold it off!

What did you get up to this weekend?

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Nicole said...

What a gorgeous girl, and she lets you take her picture (mine doesn't) that skirt is so pretty. Lovely photos.