28 May 2012

point+shoot: Monster Machinery Day

A divine Autumn day here on the coast. Our house is markedly colder than real life, so we were wearing far too many layers as we headed out to the council's Monster Machinery Day. Located in a park by the Broadwater, it was a huge collection of various council machinery, ranging from garbage trucks through to cherry pickers to boats and gum removal machines. Yes, seriously. I didn't know they existed either.

Kids could line up to climb over the machines, sit in the drivers seat and honk horns. And honk they did. It was loud, combined with a band and a little stage hosting kids entertainment, all competing for attention.

After some hesitation, O embraced the big truck spirit and was simply loving it. M was interested in the mobile library truck and the recycling information truck, then we ran in to her little friend Mia and she was thrilled.

I loved watching O later this afternoon at home, mimicking this exact action, pushing the handles backwards and forwards, while sitting on one of his own little trucks. He loved this experience.

We ate our delicious picnic a little way from the action, in the relative quiet of the Broadwater. O paddled in the water, get his pants wet and scooted. M and her Aba told funny secrets. That girl has been rather challenging lately, a bucket load of attitude and "I want". Phew, she's hard work sometimes.

We headed home with O telling me he was tired. He fell asleep in the car and transferred to his bed at home, a rare occurrence these days. I also snuck in for a nap and I think I fell asleep in about a minute afte my head hit the pillow. It has been a huge week and I was tired.

A beautiful weekend. Family days, we call them. I hope yours was wonderful too.

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Catherine said...

That sounds like a great day for little ones who love machinery and being able to play with the horn and move buttons how much fun is that. It looks like beautiful weather and it seems you enjoyed spending time together, bliss. Enjoy your day.

Michelle said...

I love that first photo, very artsy!
Kids love trucks and machinery don't they, come to think of it big kids do too (especially the Dads!)
Hope the sunny Autumn weather continues this week :)

Nicole said...

Oh what fun!!

Blythe said...

There were lots of dads there!