26 May 2012

School girl

Here she is, chin injury and all. She's immersing herself in school and it seems that she just adores it. Phew! She absolutely loves learning to read, it has been such an amazing journey, this reading gig. It has seemed impossibly quick. She understands words! Reads simple sentences! Understands signs! It really is so very cool and I love that she loves it.

I went to school recently for the "mothers, aunties, nanas and everyone special" pamper day. So much fun, even though I am still, several weeks later, picking that glitter nail polish off my nails!

She seems to have fit in with the little school routines and I am quietly amazed and hugely relieved that she is quite calm about any disruption to this routine. I forgot to pack her library bag and book this week and she was just so OK with it. I hid my surprise, as my pre-school girl would have had a huge meltdown about this. But no, she just told me we'd forgotten it and she moved on. My girl.

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Michelle said...

Owww poor little poppet hope it heals up soon. I use to love to read as a kid, Id lock myself away in my room and read and read all the time it was like escaping to a different world. Encourage her as much as you can with lots of books (especially from the op shops you can find some really different reads there and super cheap) :)