9 May 2012

Sort it out

I open cupboards, stare blanky inside then close them. I shuffle through the piles of paper on the desk and on the kitchen bench. I look listlessly at the craft paraphenalia, tumbling out of the cheap drawers that are slightly broken and every time I try to pull one drawer out, it breaks a little more. I tidied and cleaned the pantry a few weekends ago and it's chaos again. Our medicine baskets are stored up high but they're a disorganised mess.

I honestly do no know where to begin. I have all the intentions to sort it out but it just doesn't happen. I sort through the piles of paper, file some and then just make various smaller piles of the remaining paper. Unsure what to do with these miscanallenous bits and pieces, I then pile them all on top of each other again to make... one big pile. Slightly smaller than when I began, but just the same pile.

The linen cupboard is a mash up of actual linen, well, really, just cotton. Who am I kidding, there's no linen in this house. Anyway, sheets, doona covers, towels and then let's throw in some folders, craft stuff, a box of mixed cultural items including stray Christmas decorations, the Hanukkiah and oh look, there's my sewing machine.

It is driving me insane.

I wander around, looking dejected and sighing. Itay says, "Blythe, make a list." So I do. And then we work on a few of the items on the list and suddenly a few jobs have been completed. The laundry has been sorted. And by that, I mean the walls have been wiped down, the windows cleaned, the actual washing machine itself has been cleaned and so has the floor behind and under it. The cupboard under the sink is now clean and organised and the art drawers have finally been replaced. I love it!

One little step at a time. But this desk, oh my. It's a mess. A shambles. And I have no solid ideas on how to figure this issue out!


girlythirties said...

Can you please come do mine once you are finished your place?

Blythe said...

It will be quite a while, if you're happy to wait?!