7 May 2012

point + shoot: Sunday in the country

We drove down to my Dad's new place yesterday. And drove. And then we drove some more. "Are we there yet?" No. "Are we there yet?" No. "Are we there yet?" No. Finally, we were actually there. And fuck, it was pretty there.

It's in the middle of nowhere, or about 20km from a little somewhere, and it's very quiet, very green and very beautiful. A perfect set up for my Dad. We did country stuff, like jump on the back of the ute and bumble down to the creek, stand stupidly in a stinging nettle plant, climb through barbed wire fences and heft huge rocks in to the creek.

My man took his little girl for a tractor ride and my little man sat in the dirt and gravel, loving it. He'd pick up a chunk of red dirt, crumble a bit off, inspect it all and then crumble a little more.

Then we drove home. Bloody love the country.

Joining in with Lou over at Sunny + Scout for Point + Shoot.

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