30 June 2012

More blogging goodness

The Burning House Remember I wrote about having an emergency plan? This very interesting concept blog asks - if your house was burning, what would you take with you? Random people have submitted their lists and photographs of items.

Her New Leaf Kira describes her blog as "turning seeds of inspiration in to new experiences". She blogs about crafts, home DIY, blogging, and her changing interests.

Living On A Latte Kerina is an Australian mum who seems like a pretty organised chick. I love her tips, even if I don't implement them. I feel inspired though, and one day I might be that organised!

A Lemon Squeezy Home Crafty, sweet and lovely. Again, an inspiration... One day, I'll sew. One day. Right? Meanwhile, I'll live vicariously.

One Claire Day Simply gorgeous photos of life in North Queensland with a delicious baby. I wish I coudl take photos like Claire.

milk please mum Oh, the photos. the normal life, captured. And her little boy has the same PJs as mine. Love.

29 June 2012

More little joys in my day

One aspect of my new working world is that of enjoying the city. The coast is, ahem, not so cultural. Severely lacking in style. Many would disagree, and maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. But I really have enjoyed hurrying down the city streets with all the other city folk, scarf wrapped around my neck, watching people clutching coffees and phones. I've soaked up the streets of the Valley, spying rainbows across industrial skylines and staring at guys doing yoga in shop windows.

 James Street, Fortitude Valley. Chandelier in shop. Morning sparkle.

Commuting treats.

28 June 2012

Joy :: sunrise

So one little joy in my daily commute has been watching the sunrise each morning on the train. I make sure I get a seat in the east facing side of the train and I snap away on my iPhone, usually to the bemusement of nearby passengers.

That's Surfers Paradise out in the distance. Someone's exciting holiday bags in the relfection. The train goes to the airport (eventually!) so there are some lucky travellers some mornings!

The sun breaks through the clouds and it can be blinding. It's winter though, so I am enjoying the winter sunbeams each morning on my trip.

There really is some stunning scenery in the first half of the journey up to Brisbane. We cross rivers, the sun rises, the frost sparkles on the ground. It's my little piece of joy each morning.

27 June 2012

I mentioned a few changes a little while ago and we're in full swing now, as a result of these changes. The company I was working for (and had worked for before O was born) effectively ceased trading, quite suddenly and without paying us. It wasn't a shock but at the same time, it was really awful and it still is.

I've found a new job and it has certainly been a challenging time. The training for this job is in Brisbane and I live about an hour away by train. So five days a week for the last (almost) six weeks, I've been leaving the house just after 6am and returning home just after 6pm. Some nights, closer to 7pm. Many of those days I haven't seen the kids before I've left.

Add in to that an uncertain date for a permanent place down here on the coast and it's tiring me out. When I first took the job, the date for the placement down here was solid but things have changed since I began the role. Lots of people do this commute every day, their careers are in Brisbane and oh my gosh - what a commitment. I'm just not used to that commute and how it impacts on our family.

And just to make it all just so much more complicated, all of us have been sick. M had an ear infection, O had croup. then we have all been hit with a bad flu. I was so badly struck down that I spet a whole day on the couch, not even the energy to eat, drink or pee - just feeling so, so sick. The whole body aches, shivers and pains type of sick. Ugh. It was horrible. I'm still not back to even feeling myself, much less the best version of myself!

So life has been intense. Oh, and school holidays. Just after I've taken several days off sick from a new job. It's a juggle. But hopefully there is a clear, glowing light at the end of the tunnel for us.

18 June 2012

point + shoot: sickie la la

I haven't been around this little blog space for a while, and when I do - it's about the girl again. The photo above explains it pretty well - sick girl. She woke with a headache on Saturday morning and while she was up and down that whole day, she was definitely sick on Saturday night and Sunday. Her temperature was up, she had a headache, coughing that made the heaaache worse and that awful glassy eyed look of a truly sick person. Ugh. I hate sickness, as do we all.

Itay and I have also sucumbed to this virus and M has convinced me that she'll have a quiet sick day at home today. I need to work, so this will be an interesting day. As I type this she is cheering at the television, so I'm thinking she is actually OK. It's so, so difficult to know with her. Seriously, that girl is a NIDA trained drama queen.

On the other hand, you have to listen to O. If he's telling you he has a sick tummy, he really does. As evidenced by vomitting during the night after a day of "I have a sore tummy".

7 June 2012

My girl

This is my girl. Almost 4 months old. She looks so, so funny and ridiculously cute. Look at those rolls of chub on her arms! We didn't see M's ankles or wrists for many, many months as she was just so boompy. Her hair is so long and crazy, even at four months we were cultivating her mullet. Oops. They eyes are still that piercing blue and she's grown in to those cheeks.

And wow, I look so young!

And this is her now, at 5 years and 8 months old.

I'm totally biased, but I think she's gorgeous. She's very hard work, very emotional and at the moment, rude. She has attitude oozing out of her pores. But she's gorgeous.

6 June 2012

Nature or Nurture?

Dirty boy. He loves getting wet, being dirty, trucks, screwdrivers, firemen and balls. He adores four wheel driving DVDS, but he also likes the odd Barbie movie. He's a rough little boy who runs, jumps and attempts to fly through the air. He's physically agile and loves to be in the action, all the time.

I don't really like pink. I didn't dress my baby girl in pink at all. We played with trucks, train and tea sets. She became a girly girl, a pink princess, a fairy, sparkly, glitter girl. My boy has been around pink and glitter for his three years but he just so typically boy. Just as she is so typically girl.

It's quite fascinating, watching them develop, watching them at play. In our case, I believe it's simply their individual natures to be so boy and so girl. In the photo above, O had pulled on his "bung goots" (his ridiculously cute name for gum boots) and was enjoying the water, the mud and just being outside so very much. He would laugh when he got wet and was splashing about. M was sitting at her easel, just out of the hose's reach, painting and humming to herself. And screaming if the water splashed a little too close.

They are boy and girl. Funny little people.

5 June 2012

More about food: pancakes

Is it strange that my kids don't like pancakes? Don't all kids love them? Doesn't everyone love pankcakes? And wouldn't you just love them even more if they were cut in to little star shapes?!

As a kid I used to love butter, lemon juice and sugar on my pancakes. As a "grown up", I smother them in honey and cinnamon, and if there are strawberries in the fridge, that is just perfection.

I make my own pancakes, no recipe or measurements. I've made them so many times since childhood. A shake of flour, one cracked egg, a pinch of baking soda (or is it powder?) and then enough milk to give a thin but creamy batter. I am positive if I bought the shaker bottle of pancake mix that the kids would love them. But for now, they won't eat my homemade pancakes and I figure I'll just go with that. I get to devour them all by myself. I'm pretty happy with that...

What do you have on your pancakes? And don't you think star shape pancakes rock?

4 June 2012

point + shoot: It's all about the food.

Saturday began with bacon, eggs and mushrooms. the kids love bacon, so they had some too.

Itay made up a batch of borekas (Israeli puff pastry triangles) and chicken schnitzel, with mustard, paprika and tumeric in the egg mix. All to freeze for the week ahead.

We had sushi, tempura udon soup and sashimi for lunch.

Homemade chilli & garlic prawn pizza with salsa verde for dinner.

Chocolate fondant, homemade with dark, bitter chocolate and green tea for dessert.

Then Sunday, for breakfast, Itay had jachnun and hard boiled eggs (an Israeli dish that is cooked overnight in the oven) and I made pancakes with honey, cinnamon and strawberries.

I cooked a huge batch of spaghetti bolgnaise and shepherds pie. Itay cooked lamb meatballs and lamb, lentil and chickpea soup. All to freeze for the week ahead.

We had roast lamb, peas and ptitim (Israeli or pearl cous cous) for dinner. More chocolate fondant for dessert.

Oh yeah! What did you eat over the weekend?

Joining in with Lou over at Sunny + Scout.