27 June 2012

I mentioned a few changes a little while ago and we're in full swing now, as a result of these changes. The company I was working for (and had worked for before O was born) effectively ceased trading, quite suddenly and without paying us. It wasn't a shock but at the same time, it was really awful and it still is.

I've found a new job and it has certainly been a challenging time. The training for this job is in Brisbane and I live about an hour away by train. So five days a week for the last (almost) six weeks, I've been leaving the house just after 6am and returning home just after 6pm. Some nights, closer to 7pm. Many of those days I haven't seen the kids before I've left.

Add in to that an uncertain date for a permanent place down here on the coast and it's tiring me out. When I first took the job, the date for the placement down here was solid but things have changed since I began the role. Lots of people do this commute every day, their careers are in Brisbane and oh my gosh - what a commitment. I'm just not used to that commute and how it impacts on our family.

And just to make it all just so much more complicated, all of us have been sick. M had an ear infection, O had croup. then we have all been hit with a bad flu. I was so badly struck down that I spet a whole day on the couch, not even the energy to eat, drink or pee - just feeling so, so sick. The whole body aches, shivers and pains type of sick. Ugh. It was horrible. I'm still not back to even feeling myself, much less the best version of myself!

So life has been intense. Oh, and school holidays. Just after I've taken several days off sick from a new job. It's a juggle. But hopefully there is a clear, glowing light at the end of the tunnel for us.

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Michelle said...

Sounds like youve been having a really tough time I hope work settles itself down and you guys are feeling better soon. Maybe planning a family holiday even if its somewhere local just to get away, but to have something to look forward to really helps get through the stress that work brings