5 June 2012

More about food: pancakes

Is it strange that my kids don't like pancakes? Don't all kids love them? Doesn't everyone love pankcakes? And wouldn't you just love them even more if they were cut in to little star shapes?!

As a kid I used to love butter, lemon juice and sugar on my pancakes. As a "grown up", I smother them in honey and cinnamon, and if there are strawberries in the fridge, that is just perfection.

I make my own pancakes, no recipe or measurements. I've made them so many times since childhood. A shake of flour, one cracked egg, a pinch of baking soda (or is it powder?) and then enough milk to give a thin but creamy batter. I am positive if I bought the shaker bottle of pancake mix that the kids would love them. But for now, they won't eat my homemade pancakes and I figure I'll just go with that. I get to devour them all by myself. I'm pretty happy with that...

What do you have on your pancakes? And don't you think star shape pancakes rock?

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