30 June 2012

More blogging goodness

The Burning House Remember I wrote about having an emergency plan? This very interesting concept blog asks - if your house was burning, what would you take with you? Random people have submitted their lists and photographs of items.

Her New Leaf Kira describes her blog as "turning seeds of inspiration in to new experiences". She blogs about crafts, home DIY, blogging, and her changing interests.

Living On A Latte Kerina is an Australian mum who seems like a pretty organised chick. I love her tips, even if I don't implement them. I feel inspired though, and one day I might be that organised!

A Lemon Squeezy Home Crafty, sweet and lovely. Again, an inspiration... One day, I'll sew. One day. Right? Meanwhile, I'll live vicariously.

One Claire Day Simply gorgeous photos of life in North Queensland with a delicious baby. I wish I coudl take photos like Claire.

milk please mum Oh, the photos. the normal life, captured. And her little boy has the same PJs as mine. Love.

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