6 June 2012

Nature or Nurture?

Dirty boy. He loves getting wet, being dirty, trucks, screwdrivers, firemen and balls. He adores four wheel driving DVDS, but he also likes the odd Barbie movie. He's a rough little boy who runs, jumps and attempts to fly through the air. He's physically agile and loves to be in the action, all the time.

I don't really like pink. I didn't dress my baby girl in pink at all. We played with trucks, train and tea sets. She became a girly girl, a pink princess, a fairy, sparkly, glitter girl. My boy has been around pink and glitter for his three years but he just so typically boy. Just as she is so typically girl.

It's quite fascinating, watching them develop, watching them at play. In our case, I believe it's simply their individual natures to be so boy and so girl. In the photo above, O had pulled on his "bung goots" (his ridiculously cute name for gum boots) and was enjoying the water, the mud and just being outside so very much. He would laugh when he got wet and was splashing about. M was sitting at her easel, just out of the hose's reach, painting and humming to herself. And screaming if the water splashed a little too close.

They are boy and girl. Funny little people.

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