4 June 2012

point + shoot: It's all about the food.

Saturday began with bacon, eggs and mushrooms. the kids love bacon, so they had some too.

Itay made up a batch of borekas (Israeli puff pastry triangles) and chicken schnitzel, with mustard, paprika and tumeric in the egg mix. All to freeze for the week ahead.

We had sushi, tempura udon soup and sashimi for lunch.

Homemade chilli & garlic prawn pizza with salsa verde for dinner.

Chocolate fondant, homemade with dark, bitter chocolate and green tea for dessert.

Then Sunday, for breakfast, Itay had jachnun and hard boiled eggs (an Israeli dish that is cooked overnight in the oven) and I made pancakes with honey, cinnamon and strawberries.

I cooked a huge batch of spaghetti bolgnaise and shepherds pie. Itay cooked lamb meatballs and lamb, lentil and chickpea soup. All to freeze for the week ahead.

We had roast lamb, peas and ptitim (Israeli or pearl cous cous) for dinner. More chocolate fondant for dessert.

Oh yeah! What did you eat over the weekend?

Joining in with Lou over at Sunny + Scout.

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Michelle said...

Mmmmm I love sushi I could eat that every day so healthy and delicious. I didn't eat anything overly exciting this weekend ... other than a home made chicken burger for Sunday brunch to warn of a hangover!