6 July 2012

An ice cream day

Taking three sick days soon after beginning a new job isn't really a fabulous start, so taking my planned annual leave to look after the kids over the school holidays didn't feel great. Either way, I felt guilty. I did it anyway, just one day. Not enough for the kids and my mother guilt, too much for my new job guilt. I did let go and immerse myself in the day, embraced my time with my little people.

We all slept in and I didn't get out of bed until 8am. Serious, serious bliss. Both kids have been sleeping quite late and I've been getting up for work very early, so this was pure heaven. We lounged about in our PJs and even greeted a tradie, still in PJs. We drank "pretend tea like Mummy has" from our cups. We did one load of washing and some dinner preparation, but really, we just had a very relaxed morning. Ahh. Just lovely.

I gave the kids ice cream for lunch. This was their heaven. Ice cream, in the back yard, standing in the sunny patches on a winter sunshiney day.

Being with my kids for a whole day, just being with them, made me miss my days at home with them. It made me miss my job as a stay at home mum. I hope this little moments, these little memories, will stay with them as it does with me.

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