18 June 2012

point + shoot: sickie la la

I haven't been around this little blog space for a while, and when I do - it's about the girl again. The photo above explains it pretty well - sick girl. She woke with a headache on Saturday morning and while she was up and down that whole day, she was definitely sick on Saturday night and Sunday. Her temperature was up, she had a headache, coughing that made the heaaache worse and that awful glassy eyed look of a truly sick person. Ugh. I hate sickness, as do we all.

Itay and I have also sucumbed to this virus and M has convinced me that she'll have a quiet sick day at home today. I need to work, so this will be an interesting day. As I type this she is cheering at the television, so I'm thinking she is actually OK. It's so, so difficult to know with her. Seriously, that girl is a NIDA trained drama queen.

On the other hand, you have to listen to O. If he's telling you he has a sick tummy, he really does. As evidenced by vomitting during the night after a day of "I have a sore tummy".

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