16 July 2012

point + shoot: weekend la la

This photo was taken last weekend. We revelled in it and enjoyed it. This weekend, we stayed in, organised, got stuff done. Stuff.

It was my turn to take the kids to a birthday party at one of those play cafes on Saturday. I can't begin to tell you how much I detest these places. I always, always leave with a headache. It didn't help that O asked me to stop the car half way there because he didn't feel so good. He was quiet and flushed for most of the party and stuck to me like glue. It was lovely chatting to a few other mums from school, they're a good bunch and it's usually informative. One mum told me she thought M was a really good kid, always inclusive, affectionate and very polite. Man, I am glad she's like that in public, because turn each of those around and that is her with us at home.

O was bright and cheerful by the time we finally left the party, so we headed to the library so I could pick up a book I had on hold. Happy happy fun times, as it was a new library for them and they thought the ship boat shaped bookshelves were cool and crazy. So they climbed on them. Anyway.

We headed home, I dropped the kdis off with Itay. He'd been madly tackling the crap hole that is our garage. The dumping ground. We have my dad's ute at the moment so he had taken a load to the tip (think old surfboards, cot mattresses and study chairs) and cooked up a few meals.

I took a deep breath and braved the Apple store. Holy fuckoly that place is manic. But I got what I needed, and that is a replacement phone which actually works. Side note - phone insurance is a big fat waste of money. Don't do it.

Next up, kids hair cuts. Both Itay and I fronted up for this, as usually we need muscle power and extra back up to hold him down. This time, "Di-dago" (Diego) transfixed him and he sat still for the whole time. Success! And he can now see!

Sunday - we cleaned. Organised more shit. The kids painted, watched TV, painted some more, we cooked, more cleaning and then we hit the shops for some stuff. I told you it was a stuff kind of weekend. Stuff that we have needed forever but always forget. Like a fire extinguisher. Door mats. Towel hangers. A mop. New indoor plants. A new ironing board cover. Sigh. It's all so mundane, I can't help but be a little bit thrilled.

We waded through puddles to get to the park on the way home. And that's it - the end.

How was your weekend? Did you do stuff, achieve stuff, buy stuff, or just relax?

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girlythirties said...

I had one of those weekends and got new towels and bath mats along with my NBCF iron board cover... :)

Raisa @ Endless Wardrobe said...

Hey at least some bonding time and fun things done... =D