10 July 2012

So I'm a little bit older

I'm on the downward run to 40 these days, and just recently I celebrated yet another year. I like the sound of 38 much better than 37, for some reason, even though it brings me ever closer to 40. My birthday was very quiet, I kept it on the very quiet side at my new job and that was really very fine with me!

I received beautiful blush pink roses and chocolate cake from my very excited little ones and more more cruisy man. And as a belated present, I also received a much-lusted after lens, the nifty fifty. Photos below taken with my new lens, and one solitary rose remains of my birthday roses.

These photos are not perfect by any means, but it has ben fun getting used to a prime lens and I am loving the fine detail and the bokeh.


nic robi said...

I love love love my nifty fifity...hope you had a fab birthday hun xxo

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day and the year shines bright for you x

girlythirties said...

Happy belated birthday and the Photos look great :)