9 July 2012

What's for dinner?

Last week, we ate:

Nonya chicken curry w/ rice
Salmon patties w/ corn on the cob and salad
Panko crumbed fish and chips w/ salad
Meatballs w/ pasta
Lentil, barley and lamb soup w/ crusty bread
Satay chicken w/ peanut sauce and rice

This week, we are eating:

Balinese roasted chicken, roast potatoes and garlic w/steamed vegetables
Fish cakes and wontons
Potato kafta w/corn and cous cous
Shish kabab w/salad
Thai prawns w/ salad and garlic bread
Steak and salad

What are you eating this week? Do you meal plan? Much as I loathe the actual thinking of meals, we couldn't survive without it.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

I have been slack on my meal planning but started again last week ... Im eating lots of hearty winter meals this week and making a pot of soup every weekend to have as a starter when dinners running late :)