31 August 2012

Food for littles

We're looking at our food again, and what it is made up of. We seem to ebb and flow with little paths we journey on, and this is one we just need to become part of us, of our family and our routine.
We've certainly been challenged by M's school lunches and snacks. Peer pressure and suddenly just not liking foods she used to like - it's making packing her school food difficult. We're reasonably time poor these days, now we're both working full time. It is easier to buy some pre-packaged snacks, but at what cost to health? We buy popcorn, potato sticks and I have been known to buy homebrand chocolate teddies sometimes. She was eating cheese sticks and the little Happy Cow cheeses, but no longer. The kids were also devouring the flavoured squeezy yoghurts but shit, there is a lot of sugar in those sachets. We're not buying those any longer.
Crackers - there is so much crap in almost every single cracker out there, even plain rice crackers. Look at the packet, check out the numbers in those suckers. Please tell me if you find one without numbers, OK? I'm desperate. She used to love sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, fruits of all kids. Now she might or might not eat sliced carrots, not pear or apple because they go brown, Mum and rockmelon and strawberries quite often come home uneaten. She's currently eating wraps for big lunch, tomorrow she's having hommous with left over home made sliced chicken schnitzel. Other days it is tuna, whole egg mayonaise and cheese. She's off ham - which is proabbly a good thing. Sulphates, anyone?
The school canteen - I thought they sorted that shit out? They still serve nuggets, spring rolls and party pies. My girl wants to eat them, she's a kid and they're OK to eat sometimes. But not for school lunch. It's harder than I thought, being a school mum.

30 August 2012

Style girl

I love it when M dresses and accessorises herself. She has quite a funky eclectic taste, and she wears it with confidence! Here is her signature headband look...

And here she is again, same park, colder day, wearing mummy's scarf and signature headband style. I am so very biased, but she is one beautiful little girl. Her manners in public are almost impeccable, she has very litle hesitation in asking for hellp, ordering food or asking for a colouring book when we're out at a cafe. In private however, it's a totally diferent story. Sigh... But she is a good kid, a little rule follower, this girl. She turns six in just a short couple of months. Six! Crazy, crazy thought.

She's taking photos of herself in this picture, I think. Concentrating hard. Such an affectionate girl. I hope she wants to hold my hand for a lot longer as we walk through the school gates. Love her so.

23 August 2012

Finding style

I know I've mentioned this before, but as I grow older, I'm losing my identity. I have no style. I look in the mirror and see a ravaged face, acne scars, deep grey circles under my eyes. I see a deformed, misshapen body. I see thin, lifeless, lank hair that seems almost bare in patches since having children. I see and feel no style, no love for my body. No respect for my body. Oh man, I have some work to do.

I feel mumsy. I know I am a mum, I love my kids and I know it is the biggest role of my life. But I don't feel fresh or fun or stylish. I need to embrace colour, I want to express myself a little more. Any ideas? 

22 August 2012

I'm scared

Instead of getting up at 5.30am tomorrow morning, I'm getting up at 5am instead. The commute is down to just Fridays, I'm back on the coast. But tomorrow, I'm dragging myself out of bed to get back to the gym. I haven't been for months and I'm scared. I just know how much it's going to hurt and hard it is going to be, physically and mentally.

I just have to start looking after my body again. Working in Brisbane has been so bad for my fitness, exercise has been absolutely non-existant, I've been sitting on my backside for three hours on the train and then on my butt again for the eight hour work day. Crappy food and alcohol has been over the top. I must do somthing about it. I can feel the self hatred bubbling just under the surface and no doubt as the sun begins to warm the days just a little more, those bubbles will burst to the surface.

Plus my pants don't fit. But did I mention I'm scared? It's so hard, exercise. The only type of exercise I can think of that I truly, truly enjoy is dancing. Or was dancing. Oh, I just need to stop analysing it and just do what is best for my health. and that means exercising, and doing it no matter what. I did enjoy it last year, when I was in a routine and just getting up and doing it. Wish me luck.

7 August 2012

The commute

At the moment, I need to be on the train at 6.23am. That means my "personal grooming" routine is very bloody simple. I shower, brush my teeth, moisturise my face and I get some mascara on. Often I brush my hair, but some days I just go with bed hair and brush it at work. I tend to put on the remainder of my make up on the train, and still I guess my "beauty routine" is pretty minimal. I do eyeliner, sometimes eyeshadow (one or two colours), foundation and paw paw ointment on my lips. That's it. Even if I'm dressing up for a night out, I'll just go a tiny bit heavier on the eye makeup. I never wear lipstick or blush, powder or anything else.

As fascinating as my morning beauty stuff is, my question is this: what is OK on public transport? I'm often quite concious of people watching me while I do my make up. I don't mind people doing their make up on the train. It's a pretty unoffensive action. But what is not OK on public transport?

It doesn't bother me when people file their nails. Cutting their nails however, grosses me out. Ughhhh. Painting nails is just too stinky in an enclosed space. Picking skin, picking noses, need I say it? It's just repulsive. This includes picking spots. I think I'm going to vomit. I've seen all these.

Then there are people who sing loudly to their music. Those who take up a seat with their shopping for the hour long trip. People who have the volume on their laptops, iPads and phones turned up, so you hear every Words With Friends score and refill of the letters. Wow, I'm being really picky, huh? Can you tell I'm just a tad over this whole commuting thing?

Thankfully, I'm almost at the end of the journey. I'm back on the coast four days a week, as of next week. Just one day of commuting per week, and I think that will be OK.

Weekend la la

Even though we had another brillant winter sunshiney weekend whcih we enjoyed outside, when I uploaded my photos, they were inside photos. Inside activities. Blocks. Thomas. I lazed on the lounge and read, the Olympics on in the background, the kids crawling over me and M applying makeup to every surface of my body available. Lucky it's winter!

The art girl was prolific, as always. Origami is hard. Very, very hard and requires a great deal of patience. Luckily M has a very talented and patient after school carer who is an expert in origami.

Another mess by the girl. There's a fruit basket in there, some more origami and a whole lot of stuff, mid-creation.

So many messes, so much noise. If I ever find out who invented the damn recorder... Itay gave a visual demonstration to the kids of "how Mummy's head explodes when there is too much noise", using hamburger mix. Imagine a raw, round hamburger and then a fist squishing it. Apparently that is my head. And actually, it's true. I don't deal well with lots of noise. I can't stand creaking noises or clocks ticking. I can't sleep when a tap is dripping. Kid noise... aaggh!

Luckily there were some quiet moments. I love love love that we can often find O sitting peacefully in his room, reading his books.

M is never really quiet, she's always chattering away at the top of her voice about something hugely important that requires all my attention. Wow, she can talk. Non-stop, non-freaking-stop.

Anyhow, we did outside stuff too. Beach. Scooting. Park. Ice cream by the beach. My litle guy simply adores chocolate and icecream, so chocolate gelato is a crazy dream come true for him. He's hilarious! This gelato was so rich, but he just devoured it with intense concentration. When he's really enjoying food, he does this crazy, sweet little thing - after each completed mouthful he pumps his fist and shouts "bub-ee!". It's hilarious!

It was stunning by the beach. Oh winter, you are so beautiful here on the coast, but I'm happy for you to go now. I'd like to jump in that divine water pretty soon please!

4 August 2012

Our little white cot

We gave away our cot to some dear friends on the weekend. This cot has held both our children until they were each a little over two years old. Both Itay and I spent hours bent over that cot with M, patting, strong, shhhing, crooning and basically wishing that she would JUST GO TO SLEEP. O was much easier, he just went to sleep. So our little white cot is full of memories and physical reminders of babyhood. Both kids chewed on the top rail down to the raw wood, both tried but failed to get out of the cot on their own.

M, about 10 weeks old.

O, about 16 weeks old.

The cot has been sitting in our garage now for a few months, holding all our other baby stuff, waiting for a new home. It was bittersweet to say goodbye to our little white cot. No more babies, but instead, big beds and big kids. Our very dear friends for their little boy who is just about to enter the world, so I know there will be more memories created. Hopefully he'll sleep well in his new cot, just like our little man did! As I said, it was sweet to see the cot go to friends who will use and appreciate it, and sad all at the same time. My babies are growing up.

We had a sweet trip down the coast to drop off the baby stuff, singing and laughing as a family.  We each requested a song and then we sang them at the top of our voices together. My choice - Rolling In The Deep, Adele. M's choice - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, The Beatles. O's choice - Somebody That I Used To Know, Gotye. Itay's choice was by a metal band, Saidian, and was called Song Of A Genius. We rocked it out on that trip.