31 August 2012

Food for littles

We're looking at our food again, and what it is made up of. We seem to ebb and flow with little paths we journey on, and this is one we just need to become part of us, of our family and our routine.
We've certainly been challenged by M's school lunches and snacks. Peer pressure and suddenly just not liking foods she used to like - it's making packing her school food difficult. We're reasonably time poor these days, now we're both working full time. It is easier to buy some pre-packaged snacks, but at what cost to health? We buy popcorn, potato sticks and I have been known to buy homebrand chocolate teddies sometimes. She was eating cheese sticks and the little Happy Cow cheeses, but no longer. The kids were also devouring the flavoured squeezy yoghurts but shit, there is a lot of sugar in those sachets. We're not buying those any longer.
Crackers - there is so much crap in almost every single cracker out there, even plain rice crackers. Look at the packet, check out the numbers in those suckers. Please tell me if you find one without numbers, OK? I'm desperate. She used to love sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, fruits of all kids. Now she might or might not eat sliced carrots, not pear or apple because they go brown, Mum and rockmelon and strawberries quite often come home uneaten. She's currently eating wraps for big lunch, tomorrow she's having hommous with left over home made sliced chicken schnitzel. Other days it is tuna, whole egg mayonaise and cheese. She's off ham - which is proabbly a good thing. Sulphates, anyone?
The school canteen - I thought they sorted that shit out? They still serve nuggets, spring rolls and party pies. My girl wants to eat them, she's a kid and they're OK to eat sometimes. But not for school lunch. It's harder than I thought, being a school mum.

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