30 August 2012

Style girl

I love it when M dresses and accessorises herself. She has quite a funky eclectic taste, and she wears it with confidence! Here is her signature headband look...

And here she is again, same park, colder day, wearing mummy's scarf and signature headband style. I am so very biased, but she is one beautiful little girl. Her manners in public are almost impeccable, she has very litle hesitation in asking for hellp, ordering food or asking for a colouring book when we're out at a cafe. In private however, it's a totally diferent story. Sigh... But she is a good kid, a little rule follower, this girl. She turns six in just a short couple of months. Six! Crazy, crazy thought.

She's taking photos of herself in this picture, I think. Concentrating hard. Such an affectionate girl. I hope she wants to hold my hand for a lot longer as we walk through the school gates. Love her so.

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