7 August 2012

The commute

At the moment, I need to be on the train at 6.23am. That means my "personal grooming" routine is very bloody simple. I shower, brush my teeth, moisturise my face and I get some mascara on. Often I brush my hair, but some days I just go with bed hair and brush it at work. I tend to put on the remainder of my make up on the train, and still I guess my "beauty routine" is pretty minimal. I do eyeliner, sometimes eyeshadow (one or two colours), foundation and paw paw ointment on my lips. That's it. Even if I'm dressing up for a night out, I'll just go a tiny bit heavier on the eye makeup. I never wear lipstick or blush, powder or anything else.

As fascinating as my morning beauty stuff is, my question is this: what is OK on public transport? I'm often quite concious of people watching me while I do my make up. I don't mind people doing their make up on the train. It's a pretty unoffensive action. But what is not OK on public transport?

It doesn't bother me when people file their nails. Cutting their nails however, grosses me out. Ughhhh. Painting nails is just too stinky in an enclosed space. Picking skin, picking noses, need I say it? It's just repulsive. This includes picking spots. I think I'm going to vomit. I've seen all these.

Then there are people who sing loudly to their music. Those who take up a seat with their shopping for the hour long trip. People who have the volume on their laptops, iPads and phones turned up, so you hear every Words With Friends score and refill of the letters. Wow, I'm being really picky, huh? Can you tell I'm just a tad over this whole commuting thing?

Thankfully, I'm almost at the end of the journey. I'm back on the coast four days a week, as of next week. Just one day of commuting per week, and I think that will be OK.

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Michelle said...

The joys of public transport! Loud music and personal gossipy phone calls really bug me. I think if its that early in the morning make up is fine - although to save some time you could have your lashes tinted it lasts about 3 weeks and looks like your wearing mascara :)