7 August 2012

Weekend la la

Even though we had another brillant winter sunshiney weekend whcih we enjoyed outside, when I uploaded my photos, they were inside photos. Inside activities. Blocks. Thomas. I lazed on the lounge and read, the Olympics on in the background, the kids crawling over me and M applying makeup to every surface of my body available. Lucky it's winter!

The art girl was prolific, as always. Origami is hard. Very, very hard and requires a great deal of patience. Luckily M has a very talented and patient after school carer who is an expert in origami.

Another mess by the girl. There's a fruit basket in there, some more origami and a whole lot of stuff, mid-creation.

So many messes, so much noise. If I ever find out who invented the damn recorder... Itay gave a visual demonstration to the kids of "how Mummy's head explodes when there is too much noise", using hamburger mix. Imagine a raw, round hamburger and then a fist squishing it. Apparently that is my head. And actually, it's true. I don't deal well with lots of noise. I can't stand creaking noises or clocks ticking. I can't sleep when a tap is dripping. Kid noise... aaggh!

Luckily there were some quiet moments. I love love love that we can often find O sitting peacefully in his room, reading his books.

M is never really quiet, she's always chattering away at the top of her voice about something hugely important that requires all my attention. Wow, she can talk. Non-stop, non-freaking-stop.

Anyhow, we did outside stuff too. Beach. Scooting. Park. Ice cream by the beach. My litle guy simply adores chocolate and icecream, so chocolate gelato is a crazy dream come true for him. He's hilarious! This gelato was so rich, but he just devoured it with intense concentration. When he's really enjoying food, he does this crazy, sweet little thing - after each completed mouthful he pumps his fist and shouts "bub-ee!". It's hilarious!

It was stunning by the beach. Oh winter, you are so beautiful here on the coast, but I'm happy for you to go now. I'd like to jump in that divine water pretty soon please!

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