16 September 2012

Weekend away, Instagram style

We booked this very impromptu weekend away at about 9.30pm Thursday night. Friday morning we packed up, headed off and relaxed for the long weekend up on the Sunshine Coast. It was fabulous.

1 September 2012

He laughs out loud at life

My sweet little man. He's such a funny lilttle kid. He laughs out loud at life. He really does laugh, and you know, a little kid laughing is the sweetest, funniest sound.

He leaves stuff everywhere, a little miniature path of destruction and mess. He crashes in to stuff, especially his sister's creations. On purpose, of course. He pulls and pushes and attaches ropes and pretends to tow things along. He loves to play in his Aba's tool box, just for fun.

He loves cars and trucks and trains and "bumpy bumpy", which is four wheeling driving, if you didn't know. Actually, he's kind of obsessed by four wheel driving.

Everywhere he goes, he leaves a little trail. He unpacks, squishes, breaks, moves and crumbles objects, anything and everything.

His littles messes are kind of cute. He is a whole lot of cute. And naughtiness. He's so mischievous, which is funny but also a little bit of a concern for me and Itay at times. It's something we need to keep an eye, because he can be quite strong and forceful for such a tiny little man.

My baby boy. "I'm not a  baby, Mummy, I'm a big boy!"