15 October 2012

Birthdays: now she is six

So, the girl turned six. Six years old.

Here they are the night before - her last night as a five year old. He is three. It took him quite a while and a lot of help from his big sister to get these fingers to do this!

And here she is, on the morning of her sixth birthday. She was very, very excited! Love that she already has paint on her shirt in this photo!

Early morning presents.

I've calculated that she will almost always celebrate her birthday on school holidays, which has positive and negative results. She has the day off and generally a family member will always be with her to have a fun day. She won't get to celebrate with her friends on the actual day, but I did take cupcakes in on the first day back to school. Actually, I guess it's a good thing. My mum spent the day with her and they had an easy morning together, then headed off to a craft centre for an afternoon of creativity. She was in heaven... We followed it up by dinner at Sizzler, which is turning in to her little tradition. This year, she was able to serve herself with most things, and it's just another little step towards being her own person, no longer a little girl. She can figure out how to get the ice machine working, find a spoon, get an extra plate. It sounds like a tiny little action, but watching her walk up by herself was a moment. A parenting moment. She is six.

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Michelle said...

Hello there stranger hope you've been keeping well :)
She is so gorgeous and happy you should be very proud x