23 January 2013

Island adventure

We went on a little island adventure late last year, with Itay and the kids picking me up from work in Brisbane and heading up north... just as the rain began to fall. It was quite grey and a little bit chilly - nothing like rain to try and dampen spirits when you are on a mini-holiday! We explored, drove around the island, found a lovely lake and watched the birds paddling about. We saw hundreds of tiny baby frogs hopping off the path as we walked by.

The kids love "a new house", as they call holiday accommodation, and this one was simple but perfectly located directly across from the beach. They sat on director's chairs, facing out to the ocean, watching the waves while munching on kangaroo chippies (Jumpys, I think they're actually called!) and it was so sweet. Sitting together, peacably, chatting. rare moments, indeed!

Going to sleep with the sound of the waves pounding the beach was both beautiful and difficult. Waves are loud!

I braved the pool with the kids, even though it was quite cold. We laughed and had fun, played with action figures in the water and told Itay he should really get in. I make a promise to myself to go for a swim every chance I get, no matter how cold. O's lips go purple and he begins to quiver with cold, he's first out but M is developing sucha love for the water, she is usually right in there.

Listening to O laugh when we went "bumpy bumpy" (4 wheel driving) was so funny. Big bumps made him laugh out loud! Loved that neither of them were scared or difficult as we drove, they were patient when we and others were stuck in the sand, they just watched, asked a millionty billionty questions, but most of all, enjoyed the moments.

Grey day, but pretty sights.
Angry ocean.
On the Sunday, we met up with quite a few people from the 4WD club Itay is in, and went driving. Or 4 wheel driving, as I suppose I should say. Lots of sand driving.
We're bogged in the sand here. The kids are watching  everyone dig us out and eventually use a crazy invention called an exhaust jack. This a big inflatable bag that you position under the car, attach  the pipe to the exhaust and the exhaust magically fills the bag, lifting the car off its' belly and enabling us to place some traction under the tyres.
The day turned sunny and quite hot as we drove inland over the sand. 

We were the only ones out of about eight cars not to get stuck in this huge sand pit - lots of fun and an adrenaline rush as we churned through the soft sand!

It was also our wedding anniversary on the Sunday - 12 years on and here we are. We've never really celebrated our anniversary in typically romantic ways. I think the most "romantic" anniversary was spent in Thailand, which was lovely. Other years we have just gone out for sushi, some years we've done not much at all. This year was very much a family adventure, and I think we all loved it.

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