15 January 2013

Old Year/New Year

It seems that around the same time each year, we visit Fingal Head. It's always at the very end or the very beginning of the year. We've been going since M was just 12 weeks old! It is a simply gorgeous beach, not too far from us but a trip "over the border".  We trek through a long, shady path, carrying all the beach stuff we seem to have deemed essential. I was going to say we have less stuff now than we did back in 2006, but I'm not so sure! We used to have the pram, beach tent, baby bag, our towels and food. Now we don't need a pram, but we have an umbrella and at least two surfboards, along with a whole lot more food!

New beach umbrella, as chosen by the boys. It does the job, but I probably would have chosen something like this. Oh well, send the boys to Bunnings and you get what you get!
You know where this foot is going, don't you? He's a wrecking machine!
She does a dance by the ocean.
There's a version of the Giant's Causeway here, similar (but smaller!) than the famous hexagonal rock formations in Ireland. A great photographic comparison of the two here.
We ate our picnic in the park, dodged bull ants and cruised back home. Old year/new year tradition at Fingal. Love it so! 

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Michelle said...

Eeeek bloody ants they're everywhere arent they! Looks like your having a fab summer break. I like the umbrella, as you say your lucky the boys bought back anything at all theres a whole world of distractions at Bunnings :)