22 January 2013

Lunch box love

A year ago, I wrote this post about school lunches - what wold we pack? A year ago, we were eaglerly awaiting the very first day of school. This year, we know the drill. She's excited, we 're almost ready and I think we're all kinda happy to get back in to a routine. So looking back, how did we go? What did she eat? Here was my list, with my current comments after each food.
I’ll use cutters to make sandwich shapes - didn't do this. M would still love it, so we should.
Pita with homous, salad and meat - yes, a regular.
Wraps - a regular. She got bored of plain old bread pretty fast so wraps are her thing.
Fried rice - yes, loved this.
Cold pasta salad - we did do left over pasta a few times, she likes this.
Mini pizzas - no, didn't do. Although we should, she's like this now.
Borekas and boiled eggs - yes, she loves these
Sushi rolls - no, but she bought them on one very special day from the canteen. Does that count?!
Home made sausage & hidden vegetable rolls w/ tomato sauce - no, but gosh I'm smart. Should do this.
Soup in a thermos for winter - didn't do. No soup for you.

Now, snacks.
Yoghurt covered rice puffs - yes
Soy snacks - yes
Home made muffins - my kids hate any savoury muffins I make. She did take some banana ones though.
Home made muesli bars - Oops, forgot to make these!
Crackers, cheese slices, olives and cherry tomatoes - yes
Yoghurts, frozen - we didn't freeze them. Good idea though Blythe, we'll do them this year!
Chopped fruit - yes
Pikelets - yes, but she hated my home made ones. The pre-made ones have bad numbers in them. No way.
Fruit on skewers (paddle pop sticks) - nice idea, but the fruit would go brown in her lunchbox. Didn't do.
Coconut & fruit juice balls - yes
We also did popcorn, rice snacks, rice and corn thins. Salmon patties. Meatballs. She was pretty easy with food through the year, and we have a good idea now of how much food to actually pack.
Drinks - she only had water. She had a poppa/juice on the special canteen days (there were about six days throughout the year that they had special meal days) but otherwise water. She was meant to take two drink bottles in each day but she told us she was only ever using one of them, so we cut it down to one after a term or so.
We packed as much as possible the night before and made sandwiches fresh in the morning, with ingredients already cut up. We had aa good little system going and so hopefully we'll just move back in to that in a few weeks. Um, actually 11 days now!


Michelle said...

Sounds like a pretty good variety of lunches to me, Id be happy with any of those!
Sushi is pretty fiddly Id say buying from the canteen was a good choice and Cheese and tomatoe on crackers is my all time favourite winner every time :)

Peta said...

Pikelets - have you tried veggiemama's recipe from her blog? My homemade pikelets were never good either but my kids and I LOVE this recipe! X