30 January 2013

Raindrops keep falling

So, the rain hit hard just before Australia Day and the much anticipated long weekend. As we often do, we left it just too late to book accommodation for a little weekend away and for once we were so glad. Because, you know, it's flooding. Kind of everywhere around us and anywhere we would have gone to stay.

Saturday, it rained. We did the food shopping, we grabbed some food and then we walked all the way to Target to pick up a layby and look for a few things we needed. M and O were having great fun running in and out of the aisles, laughing and being silly. O has been a  little sick, coughing (to the point we had him checked by a doctor as it was a strange cough), so this running caused him to cough quite a bit. I had run out of water and tissues, so I picked him up and started to wak to the front of the store to grab both as he was snotty. And then, he gagged. Gagged a little more and then we were in full vomit mode, the whole lunch all over himself and me. In Target.

Itay grabbed wipes, a new tshirt for O and we managed to clean the major part of it up. I'll spare you the details, but let us just say my less than ample cleavage saw a whole lot more action than it needed to. Public vomits are so... public.

Sunday, it rained. We decided to try going to the movies, which went badly. Itay ended up having to take O out about 20 minutes in to the movie and they stayed out the rest of the time. M started asking "when is this going to end?" about a third of the way through. I ate a ridiculous amount of crap at the movies and felt just awful that afternoon. My damn sugar addiction. It was a cooped up, boring day.
Monday, more rain. Seeing the theme? I decided to attack M's room and she "helped". This meant taking everything bak out of the bin and telling me why I couldn't throw it out. I actually threw hardly anything out, one small bag and I may have snuck a large shoebox robot out too. Just don't tell her. We went through textas, organised her drawers, changed the shelves around a little bit and just tried to get some order in to that crazy accumulation of stuff. Job done!
We had a quick drive out to M's school to check the roads but the floods hadn't quite peaked at that stage and we couldn't get through. Sushi for lunch followed by a screaming melt down by M. The kind where people stare. She apologised when we got home and this made me cry a bit. She does get it, she knows what is happening and it is just sometimes all to much for her to process - the "kidness" of wanting something, the sibling jealousy and the sense of entitlement (which I know we have assisted in creating) versus the knowledge she has of what is right and how should behave.
So, a very quiet weekend as many people in QLD and far north NSW would know. The vomit was the highlight. Joking.

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