18 January 2013


This girl is creative, thoughtful, emotional and emotive. She loves to write and draw. She hears things and is present, and hears too much at times. She is impulsive. She's afraid of big dogs. She cried when she didn't see her Aba for a whole day. She asks the weirdest, funniest questions and drives me crazy with her constant, incessant chatter.
She has a healing touch in her hands, her little massages are so delightful and she just knows where to place her hands to give energy. (I received an electric shock a couple of weeks ago and felt very, very unwell afterwards. The kids tuned in to this and allowed me to just rest on the lounge while they played around me. M asked if a massage or a rub would help, and you know what, it did.) She has always loved applying make up to my face, even if it was pretend make up, just water and cotton buds as a tiny girl. She loves to brush hair, put in clips and rub mositeriser in to anyone who'll let her. She says "I love you" a hunderd times a day, writes love notes and can be so very kind and caring.
She also says "it's all my fault" and "I'm rubbish". She is challenging and extremely bossy. But where does she get "I'm rubbish" from? Someone - me, a teacher - must have said "that's silly" or "rubbish" in answer to something, and somehow it has turned in to her taking this on herself, that she is rubbish. Her ideas are rubbish, she sometimes says. This worries me.

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