16 January 2013

Tourist in our town

Recently the in-laws visited from overseas. We treated them to a night in Surfers Paradise, because you know, everyone (?!) seems to want to holiday there. As a resident of this tourist town, we couldn't actually remember the last time we'd been in to Surfers. So it was fun, and the hotel was just something else. The QT Hotel was just wild. I'd been here before it was reincarnated, once organising a conference here so it was very strange to see this complete transformation. Retro, chic, colourful and funny.

The mini bar. Loved it! Nudie rudie swizzle sticks, amazing chocolate, one of those coffe pod thingos everyone raves about, gourmet chips... There was even a bottle of vodka in the freezer!
Not your every day gingerbread man!
Bedside bird. 
I am now lusting over massive knitted poufs. Yes please!
The kids tested them out. Love a pouf. Is that how you even spell it? 
Macarons in the sweet little cafe area. Look at his face! Home made fresh lemonade as a welcome drink, seriously? So lovely and so refreshingly un-hotel-ish.

She thought this wall was as cool as I did! 

I could have taken a photograph of each and every circle. I tried to hold back.

  Note paper in the room - black, with white pencil. These things impress me! Very cool visit, and I imagine staying here is even more fun. The in-laws loved it. I'd recommend it if you're looking for somewhere in Surfers. It's just enough out of the strip but very close to the beach. Apparently the restaurant downstairs is amazing too. Lesson: sometimes it really is fun to suck it up and be a tourist in your own town!

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