25 February 2013

Beach. As usual!

A couple of weekends ago it pittered and pattered rain and we wondered, should we stay or should we go now? (Bonus points iof you get that song/band reference.) We decided to go and the day ended up being brilliantly sunny and quite hot. Mini road trip was on!

Kids in the car. Please tell me that we are not the only parents who resort to technology to get a minute of silence? A few minutes of just no whinging. Exhale... quiet!

Seven Mile Beach. Freaking gorgeous, right?
There were a few huge trees washed up on the beach from the recent flooding - this one is bigger than it looks in this photo!
She just loved watching these horses on the beach. Love her here, leaning against the car with the shovel.
Blue bottles everywhere. No swimming for us at Seven Mile...
So after a few hours of enjoying the huge, empty beach, lunch and sliding down the sand dunes - we headed a bit further back up the coast to Byron, and ducked in for a swim at Main Beach. I haven't been to Byron in a couple of years, and it felt so odd. Growing up on the North Coast, I've seen Byron change so much over the years, I've lived there, visited friends regularly (well, not ever enough!) and now it feels very, very different. It looks very different. I used to think I'd like to live there again one day, but now I'm not so sure.
This little dude gets cold so quickly. He loves the water but he goes purple.

The kids were loving the little pools but both Itay and I had forgotten to put sunscreen on earlier in the day and I was really feeling it. (I ended up with a beetroot red forehead and a mild case of sunstroke. Itay and I both had sunglass marks on our faces. Of course we covered the kids up and they wore hats. Sigh.) So it was time for gelato. Chocolate for the kids. They were l o v i n g it.
O is so funny - he won't eat an icecream if he thinks it is going to melt on him. So he won't eat an icecream on a stick, only in a cup or a tube. Funny face.
We headed home, the kids were tired and so were we. A very sweet little road trip.


Michelle said...

The beach looks stunning and look at all that space just for yourself, good thing you have a 4x4 to get to those perfect spots!
If I had kids I would give them the techno gadgets for sure :)

Blythe said...

It was so gorgeous, just a few other 4x4s and people on horses!