19 February 2013

I forget what I was going to say...

I think my short term memory is fading. Truly, it's a bit worrying. I got the kids out the door easily this morning, then as I drove away from school (early!) I reached for a drink from my water bottle and realised... I had left my lunch at home.
I left my wallet at work last night. I forget to pay bills, return calls, do my tax. My brain is just so jumbled up with all the other stuff that I feel like there are holes in my memory.
I try to write lists but I spread them out between too many note books, my phone, my Outlook calendar at work...and so the holes in the net just get that little bit wider. I have started to suffer from insomnia again and that makes me tired and taht makes me forget things... which makes me frustrated and worry a bit too much which keeps me awake at night which makes me tired which makes me forget things.

I bought a very cool family calendar this year and while we miss the pretty pictures, I love that each of us has a space on the calendar. It helps a little bit. I need to write more stuff down. My head is a jumbled up mess, never sure whether it is raining or sunny. Just like this weekend was.
I can't write shopping lists. I can do the extra stuff (I'm really good at checking if we have shapoo) but all the little bits and pieces for meals that are in our heads and not from recipes? Forget it. Salsa for fajitas? Nope. Lettuce for Caesar salad? Um, no. Itay wants to kill me. Really, he does. Speaking of killing me, I accidentally bought home brand cream cheese the other day. Major, major sin people!
I have to sort my head shit out. My memory is shot. Long term, I'm pretty good. What to do?

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