27 February 2013

Silly Saturday

It was one of those weekends where life just didn't go to plan. It was nothing major, just little bits and pieces of annoying. M had a party on Saturday morning, she's a big girl now so this was the second party where I've been able to drop her off. She had a great time and loved her pink nail polish. Pamper party is a theme that she just lives for, and she loved it.

She's showing me her thumb nail, whcih had a little flower sticker on top of the nail polish. Bad focus on my part, but you can see her stick on sparkly earrings, right?
We headed to the beach after the party but after even more rain and semi-flooding recently, the water was brown, full of crap and not at all enticing. I'll normally swim anywhere but this was not nice, and the kids were pretty upset. They couldn't believe that we would take them to the beach and then not allow them to swim. What the?
I had what I thought was a great idea to take them in to see the sand scultptures in Surfers Paradise. We weren't sure how the scultpures would have survived given the awful weather, but a little bit of searching ion the net assured us it was all OK.
Each sculpture was covered with a tarp and they looked pretty good, we only saw one that looked a little damaged.
I'm not quite sure what this beast was. Obviously there is a zebra there, but was it leaning on an unfinished elephant? The kids were a bit underwhelmed by the scupltures. Maybe if they'd actually been built on the beach they may have been a little more excited? O couldn't quite figure out how they were made. In the end he didn't even care.
Actually the beach in Surfers was closed and roped off, red flags and huge sighs, helicopters hovering. See all those people in bikinis and swimming in the water? The beach is closed for a reason, but these people just ignored and climbed through the make shift fences and put up with the helicopter trying to flush them out of the water. Persistent tourists!
M loved the "make your own sand scuplture" tent, we had to drag her away.
The kids were becoming obsessed with getting an icecream, possibly because the event was sponsored by... Streets Icecream. I've mentioned before that O won't eat any iceblocks on a stick because it will melt on him, so the little Streets van was not helping us. Instead, we dragged ourselves over the road in to Cavill Avenue, mecca for millions of tourists on the Gold Coast.
Want an icecream? By this stage the kids were hot, we were all sweaty, we were running out of water and the kids wanted a damn ice cream. It was not a fun outing, by this stage.
$15 later (oh yes, $15 for three icecreams) they were quiet. Until O fell face forward off the bench and hurt himself. He was OK, but teary. (He accessorises -  puts his hat backwards and wears his slapband. He is cool. Even though I tell him wearing your hat backwards its a bit silly and doesn't protect your face, which is why we wear hats.)
Agghh. It all sounds quite petty but it was just... annoying. Trying to plan fun, low-cost activities (beach! BYO lunch!) and then ending up with bored whingy kids is just plain annoying.
I sound like a kid. I'm having a whinge. I hope your Saturday was better?

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