20 February 2013

Imaginary play

Like so many parents, we have too many toys. We've recently had a cull and we're trying to be more thougtful about the toys we do bring in to our home. December was pretty huge for the kids, as we had Hannukah, grandparents visiting from overseas and Christmas. Typically, that combination brings quite a bit of stuff in to the house. Gifted out.

We tried to choose the gifts we gave the kids very carefully. For Hannukah, they each received a new board, M her first (foam) surfboard and O a good quality body board. That's a post for another day, just know they both love their boards!

I was pretty stoked with two gifts I bought via a daycare fundraising catalogue - a felt pita bread/sandwich set and a set of six helmets.

If you've been reading fro a while, you know Itay is Israeli and we like to celebrate and embrace our culture. I think food is almost the best way to totally enjoy and immerse yourself in a culture. Israeli food is good, so good. Stuff that Aussies think is "health food", like hommous and pita "sandwiches" is just normal fare in Israel. So, how fun is it to have a play pita set?!

Here's M, serving us up on a rainy Saturday. Love her apron, a scrap of material that she loves and uses for so many things!

O, enjoying his felt lunch.
M, working hard in the little cafe she set up.

Reading her dessert menu to us. Listen up, people.
The set of six helmets/hats includes the usual, police, fire fighter, builder, pirate, hmm... and another I can't remember. But look at this cute one: 
 Here's O the Knight and his gallant steed. Oh, and his green slap band that was a much asked for Christmas gift also.
Any cuter? Not possible. There are strict rukes with the sword, he knows if it goes anywhere near any part of anyone's body, it's gone. He usually sticks to this rule.
Love this imaginary play. These two gifts have been fantastic for extending and promtoing imaginary play. So many uses for helmets, so many scenarios to create.

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Michelle said...

They look awesome what a cool toy! Pitta bread and salad wraps all the way :)