5 February 2013

Now she is SO old

My daughter is in Grade 1. Parents all over Australia are going through this weird mix of relief (sorry, is that just me?), nerves, anxiety and amazement that their kid is at school, or back at school in our case. Grade 1. She was counting down the days and was super excited. Her little prep class from last year would be split up and she has a few friends in her new room, but she was excited to meet new friends too. I love that she embraced the concept of making new friends.

Here she is at her little desk. Serious stuff now, she has a desk! She also has a little drawer, full of her own stationery, painstakingly labelled and named and labelled and named. No books to cover yet, no doubt I'll be cursing about that this time next year.

Here she is getting a  little overwhelmed by first day butterflies, doing a great job keeping it together and not wanting any tears to escape. I think Itay and I were acting a little bit silly which either embarrassed her or made her laugh/cry.
I insisted on walking her to her classroom on the second day and making sure she had friends to hang out with. Third day onwards, she insists I stop at the two minute droppoff zone, watch her cross at the pedestrian crossing and then she is all by herself. Her choice, her independence. She doesn't look back. Amazing, huh?
Apparently homework starts coming back this week, which should be interesting. Fitting it in was hard last year and that was just reading and practising sight words. I'll let you know how we go.
I hope it's going well for you, if your little person has started school or is back in to the journey of school this year!


Michelle said...

Owww how exciting first day at School! I would be relieved too, time to catch up on the piles of washing and dishes no doubt lol. She is very grown up to be wanting to be dropped off not to close to school, Im sure I didnt do that until at least Year 5!

Blythe said...

I know, she's so brave!