22 February 2013

padlocks to show your love

Have you heard about love padlocks? I've read about them in a blog, somewhere in blogland, and when I saw these few padlocks affixed to the wire fencing at the North Burleigh Lookout, I knew what they were. M was fascinated.

In a few locations around the world, such as in Rome, couples engrave their names on the padlocks, lock to a fence and then throw the key in to the water below. You can even buy padlocks and keys at some locatins, if you so feel the desire to be all romantic. And you weren't all that organised beforehand...

 O didn't care, he was just enjoying the wind.

Mum, take a photo with them all spread out. And then can I take a photo?  So, think about a padlock to tell someone you love them. Could be a cheaper alternative to an eternity ring?
It was so windy up there! But so beautiful. Check out O's hair, he looks like he is about to take off. It had been such a dull weekend, bad weather and cooped inside made me feel really down. This blast of sea air, wind and rain woke me up and injected some much needed positive energy !

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