6 February 2013

Sticks and moans

After last weekend, one whole long weekend trapped inside, we were all desperate to get to the beach this weekend. And so we did. There was quite a bit of debris on the beach, but just as we arrived, it was efficiently being scraped off the beach by a super fast little digger, much to the delight of all the kids. The water was surprisingly clear, with enough sticks around to play with and not feel like you were dodging them in the water.
Our favourite little spot. Protected, close to a few waves, usually not too difficult to find a parking spot.
A smile for Mummy, the annoying photographer and M in the background.
I am not sure what was going on here, but it makes me laugh! Maybe it was "enough photos, Mum!".
Saturday was a whole lot of beach, shopping, sushi and cooking at home. I forgot to put sunscreen on my arms and chest before the beach so I spent the evening burning and screaming as my daughter lovingly appplied cold Aloe Vera gel to my skin. I have this weird aversion to cold anything on my skin and especially on my back. She knows it makes me scream so she actually volunteers to do it and then laughs. Evil child.
Sunday. We had so much on the "to do" list and I knew the kids would make it just that little bit (who am I kidding, little bit? a lot) more difficult to get it all done. So Itay took the kids back to the beach and I stayed at home to wash and vacuum the car, get ride of the ants that felt that the rain gave them an excuse to nest in our door seals, then take photographs. Selling the car.
I also mowed the lawn. And now I hurt. So. damn. unfit. They were still at the beach after all this so I got my eyelashes tinted and bought a new, very loud turquiose/blue handbag. On sale of course.  
These small people are exhausting, before I even open my eyes. O has a revolting new habit of crying before he even gets out of bed. It hurts my brain. The arguements about everything, anything, no matter how small. Every request is pretty much followed by a no or a whining voice telling me they wish something else could happen instead. I have to sort this shit out, because it is making it all feel very, very hard. need to sort out my head, a better way of dealing with it all, a more positive approach. Need to do something. Ideas?

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