1 February 2013

Tie dye party

The young lady headed off to a party in the park at the beginning of January. She was so excited about this one - a tie dye party! I was fascinated to see how it would all work, as I have memories of stained laundry sinks, rubber bands and marbles. Here's what how it worked. It was much simpler and perfect for kids!

The kids worked witha  white pillow case which was soaked in water, squeezed out and then laid out flat. The material was then pinched in the middle and twisted in a spiral movement so the material curved around in to the shape below. The spiral shape was then secured with elastic bands.
That's not a very good descrioption at all, is it? Terrible, actually. 
M was trying to figure out just what to do.
Start by painting the colours on to each section of the pillow case.
Turn the shape and paint each little section witha  different colour, then turn over and do the same on the other side.
Here she is with the finished, painted pillowcase. We took our wet pillowcase home in a bag, unfurled it and lay it out in the baking hot sun for a couple of hours. When it was dry, it looked amazing. I still haven't taken a photo of the finished product, so I'll do that and post it later.


Michelle said...

This looks like heaps of fun you must show us the finished product! Your descriptions made me smile :)

Ruby Hoppen said...

What a great idea for a kids' activity! Wil have to try it sometime.