22 March 2013

Crazy hair girl

Last Friday was Crazy Hair Day, in support for the World's Greatest Shave, for the Leukaemia Foundation. It was also National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence at school, so the kids dressed in orange and spoke about the issue of bullying. M wanted her hair to be blue and orange, so like a diligent mummy I bought the hairspray and set to work. Itay was very glad I wasn't leaving at 6.10am to travel up to Brisbane that day! (Although he is actually very good at doing M's hair, and I think his ponytails are better than mine.)
I plaited her hair with pipecleaners (or chenille stems if you prefer!) and twisted it is, pinned up a few pieces so she could see and then went to town with the coloured hair spray.
Serious face - but she loved it. I just wish I could have seen the other styles at school! Last year they were pretty crazy. Did your kids do the same?

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