20 March 2013

Makes my heart sing

So, I go from Angry Mummy, to moments that make my heart melt. I was brushing O's teeth last night and through his toothpaste he said "Mummy, can you sing Baby Love?" I've sung this to each of the kids when they were tiny and they both love it. It goes something like this...
Baby love, my baby love, oooh I love you baby love. You're the prettiest baby love I ever did see.
I sometimes insert boy or girl so it becomes "baby boy" or "baby girl". I'm also such a good singer, so that helps. Joking. Anyway, I tried Googling those lyrics, and I know I have them wrong so I can't quite figure out the original. But anyway, they love it and I love that he asks me to sing it and smiles so hard when I sing it.

Look at this kid. 6.45am and still so damn cute. He can't help it.

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