22 April 2013

Sun. Bikes. And Hugh Jackman.

It felt like forever, but I know it's been a good few weeks since we had a beach day.  It felt so good to be in the water underneath a blue sky. Just loved this weekend!

After our swim we headed down to Coolangatta for lunch and then we went for a walk. Look at that brilliant blue!
He pedalled himself all the way up this hill, even with M stopping him half way, telling him he wasn't allowed to do it and surely he couldn't manage it himself... But he could. He is tiny but those little legs are strong!
Such a  beautiful place. It was so sweet to hear him yelling "I did it!" when he got to the top!
And look who we spotted. Hello, Hugh!
My little dude. Isn't his bike cute? I found this on the side of the road with a sign saying "free". Love that! I also love that O always says bicycle, not bike - even though we say bike.
Hey there, windswept girl.
The Quiksilver Pro set up.
Oops. We only saw this sign on the way back!
It was just so lovely, walking, a little bit of fast walking to catch up with a kid down a hill, sweating a bit and just sucking in the sunshine. Summer is over, so we have to grab every little bit of beach time that we can!

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