21 March 2013

Sunny Saturday, finally!

Finally, finally - we just had a sunny weekend. And I know it's Thursday, but better to get it down than not. This blog is all about our life, so here we are again, a slice of sunny saturday for us.
Now instead of packing up and heading straight for the beach on this sunny Saturday morning, we actually headed in the other direction, up to Brisbane for the 4WD and camping show. It was hot, but we had fun - after O stpped crying and saying "I want to go home". This little boy is not one for crowds, loud noise or shows of any kind. We know him and so we know it is not worth spending money on kid shows for him. We've taken M to Disney on Ice, The Wiggles, Playschool, Dororthy the Dinosaur and the odd holiday/shopping centre shows and she's loved every one. O, not so much. He actually ran away crying from the first shopping centre show I took him to (The Wots Wots, from memory!) and has refused to go to Bob The Builder, Playschool... he just doesn't like them.

So I spent a lot of Saturday morning trying to soothe and calm him and finally, finally, when he met his hero Roothy he started to calm a little bit and he actually enjoyed himself a litle bit. O chooses to watch 4WD Action DVDs over any kid series, any time. Funny, right?

We trekked for what felt likes miles in the sun to find some inflatable aliens that M became obsessed about, we ate our packed lunch and Itay bought some recovery gear. Back in to the car. We were so glad we'd decided to bring the stroller along, we haven't used it in months, maybe even a year but it was so, so handy. We were all exhausted after this little adventure!

After we got home, I managed to sneak in a nap outside on our daggy old futon day bed. I so love afternoon naps. What a pity no one else in my little family appreciates them quite as much as I do! We had a delicious dinner of prawns, butter, chilli and garlic with salad and crunchy bread - a weekend favourite.

As a side note, driving through Brisbane was interesting. We took a little detour (read: we got a tiny but lost) and I loved looking at the old buildings, old pubs and neighbourhoods. We miss this feeling, the different little corners of cities.

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