1 March 2013

Tennis time - or not

Both Itay and I work full time. It's not ideal, but it is what it is. We live in an area where you just take what you can get and full time work for me is what I found. The guilt is huge (for me) and it makes it difficult to fit it all the stuff we would like to do. And that the kids would like to do.
M really wanted to do cricket, rugby or soccor after school. She also wants to learn the cello. We just couldn't work out the logistics of any of these activities. Then home came a note about tennis, before school. 7.30am start. Perfect - Itay can take her. She was thrilled. As you can see.

Except... the people running tennis are crap. They did not acknowledge the permission note we sent back and so she missed the first week. I sent a message. Itay called and left a message. He called again, the guy said he hadn't received any messages but apologised. She he looked forward to seeing us at CHSS on Wednesday... but we don't go to that school. Ah right, it's MCSS. OK, well we'll see you there.
The next week, he sent a text to me at 6.20am saying tennis was cancelled. Thanks for that, it's pouring down, we get that, but didn't you say you didn't receive any texts from me? So how did you get my number then?
The next Wednesday morning arrived and M was awake at about 5.30am, dressed and ready to go. The weather was dodgy, but as Mr Tennis Organiser had told us, we would get a text if tennis was cancelled. No text so off they went. 7.35am, Itay calls to say no one is there. Several messages,later, waiting and he is told that yes, tennis is cancelled. Everyone apologised profusely. We'll definitely call next week if it is cancelled. M is in tears, Itay has to drive her back home and he ends up very late for work.
This Wednesday, M gets up early again, she's so excited. We wait until 7am, no call. Itay calls anyway, as it's sprinkling rain. The vague answer of "it's up to you" if we go to tennis or not. Seriously? It goes on and on, back and forwards, and M is crying her eyes out. She understands the weather, she is upset because they didn't call and she has been left out again.
We are so cranky and for this complete lack of service, I really just want to pull her out. But this is the only activity we can find that works for us. So, so annoyed. What terrible service.


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