4 March 2013

Will it ever stop raining?

Yet another rainy, kind of boring weekend here in not-ever-sunny-these-days QLD.

My boy had a party to go to. It was pouring rain but the kids still danced and ate cake, my boy loved it. At home, Itay was baking chocolate cupcakes with M. Isn't that sweet?
We went to the massive hardware warehouse. You know the one. Bunnings. We didn't find what we were looking for, but bought other not-so-needed items. Bunnings is like Ikea and Spotlight that way. You always buy other stuff. We wandered, killed time and the kids had fun.
We tried out the outdoor furnture, inside.
We tried out the ride-on mowers.
O loved this rug, which made a few other shoppers giggle. The downer of this little visit was the raw sausage at the end. You just have to get a sausage sizzle after any Bunnings trip (or so our kids think) but this time the sausages were not cooked through and the kids were devastated.
I didn't get to attend the photography course I had booked in to on Sunday... because it was raining. We ate sushi. The kids watched far too much TV. Itay and I had afternoon naps, and wished the kids did too. I cleaned the bathrooms, Itay did most of the week's cooking. I decorated the house with wet washing and hoped it would dry.
Oh, to have a sunny weekend! Is it raining where you are? What did you get up to over the weekend?

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