30 April 2013

Boating fun

We are no boating family, we haven't got a clue to be honest, but it was so fun to hire a little boat and go for a cruise around the Noosa River. O cried and cried while we organised the boat hire but as soon as we stepped aboard (I am so down with the boating jargon!) he was in heaven. Loved it! Others, not so much. See M's expression below... She held this for the duration of the ride.

She refused to move from the seats at the back of the boat stern, and of course I had to sit with her. All I could smell was the engine fumes so I wasn't feeling so great myself by the end of the adventure. Hopefully my face didn't look this miserable though!

My gosh, some of those houses on the river are fucking huge. It's another world. I watched a family entertaining in one huge house across the river as we ate our picnic. Their chef came out and turned the BBQ on. Holy luxury, Batman.

This house had two pontoons/piers/places to dock boats. You know, in case you have more than one boat. It also had matching jetskis with direct access to the river. Woah.

We docked our boat at the hire place and headed back to our modest but lovely apartment in Caloundra. Fun times!

29 April 2013

Holiday fun

School holidays ended a few weeks ago here in QLD, so this is old news. I'm lucky to be recording this stuff at all these days, so here we are anyway. A little trip up to Caloundra over the school holidays. I grabbed a great accommodation deal via Groupon or Scoopon (one of those dealio sites, anyway) and we headed up. I love the fact that this trip was only about two hours from home, as these kids of ours just do not travel well. I'm not joking when I say that many weekends, they will ask "are we there yet?" when we have just turned out of our street. And they're not joking either.

Scooting in the park at Caloundra, after we hit the pool.

On the Sunday of our stay we headed up to Tewantin (just past Noosa) and had a ride on the car ferry over to Cooloola National Park. The kids just loved this ferry ride, all six minutes of it!

The beach was covered in pumice stone and debris from the recent crazy storms we've had. The coffee rocks were exposed on the beach, which made for some interesting four wheel driving.

These crazy little suckers above were all over the beach.

We saw one small little Suzuki 4x4 driving along the water's edge rather than up on the rocks where most of the traffic was driving. They bottomed out in a little creek draining down from the sand dunes and the rocks... and they were stuck. Luckily it was shcool holidays and there were a lot of big, serious trucks heading back and they were able to pull this car out, just in time. When they opened their doors to get out, water rushed out of the car. So lucky! This car below obviously wasn't so lucky.
This storm below was the view behind this car rescue. Very ominous!

The weather held off and while it didn't pour down, it wasn't sunshiney, picnic on the beach weather. We had a great time and I loved seeing a new part of the Sunshine Coast. One day we'd love to go back and camp somewhere up here.

22 April 2013

Sun. Bikes. And Hugh Jackman.

It felt like forever, but I know it's been a good few weeks since we had a beach day.  It felt so good to be in the water underneath a blue sky. Just loved this weekend!

After our swim we headed down to Coolangatta for lunch and then we went for a walk. Look at that brilliant blue!
He pedalled himself all the way up this hill, even with M stopping him half way, telling him he wasn't allowed to do it and surely he couldn't manage it himself... But he could. He is tiny but those little legs are strong!
Such a  beautiful place. It was so sweet to hear him yelling "I did it!" when he got to the top!
And look who we spotted. Hello, Hugh!
My little dude. Isn't his bike cute? I found this on the side of the road with a sign saying "free". Love that! I also love that O always says bicycle, not bike - even though we say bike.
Hey there, windswept girl.
The Quiksilver Pro set up.
Oops. We only saw this sign on the way back!
It was just so lovely, walking, a little bit of fast walking to catch up with a kid down a hill, sweating a bit and just sucking in the sunshine. Summer is over, so we have to grab every little bit of beach time that we can!

12 April 2013

She surfs

She was so thrilled! She was sceaming "I'm doing it! I'm doing it!" as she was riding the wave, it was just so sweet and exciting.

She fell off right at the end, got back up and paddled back out. Loving it! Itay is also thrilled, you can just see his smile here in the photo above. On the other hand, O surfs... on the sand. He is a bit scared of the waves at the moment, but that will probably change. We had fun on the sand anyway. Beach time is very previous in these early autumn days.

11 April 2013

Later that day...

Just loook at the light. The sunlight was trying so very hard to be there in full force for us. We didn't get a swim on that Sunday, but a walk by the beach and a little bike ride was good enough.

Check out this doggy, going for a paddle!

Obligatory egg hunt post

Almost every photo I took of the Easter egg hunt was out of focus, so here is what I did get!

Easter is not a big deal in our house, but the kids love the egg hunt so I went out early and laid some eggs. They had fun and I am still eating the eggs today.