30 April 2013

Boating fun

We are no boating family, we haven't got a clue to be honest, but it was so fun to hire a little boat and go for a cruise around the Noosa River. O cried and cried while we organised the boat hire but as soon as we stepped aboard (I am so down with the boating jargon!) he was in heaven. Loved it! Others, not so much. See M's expression below... She held this for the duration of the ride.

She refused to move from the seats at the back of the boat stern, and of course I had to sit with her. All I could smell was the engine fumes so I wasn't feeling so great myself by the end of the adventure. Hopefully my face didn't look this miserable though!

My gosh, some of those houses on the river are fucking huge. It's another world. I watched a family entertaining in one huge house across the river as we ate our picnic. Their chef came out and turned the BBQ on. Holy luxury, Batman.

This house had two pontoons/piers/places to dock boats. You know, in case you have more than one boat. It also had matching jetskis with direct access to the river. Woah.

We docked our boat at the hire place and headed back to our modest but lovely apartment in Caloundra. Fun times!

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